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Acrobatics and Circus

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Principal: Christa Cameron

DANCE CIRQUE is great for children from 6-18 years, and you don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy it. Dance Cirque was developed in Sydney Australia by Linda Burger, a 7th generation European circus artist. They get to CLIMB, JUGGLE, and learn TRICKS in a safe environment. These classes are great for cognitive development, strength, and flexibility and most importantly confidence. Dance Cirque will see our student’s practicing STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY drills, beginner AERIAL SILK, BALANCE, and other skills.

LITTLE MONKEYS is the 4-6 years beginner level of the Dance Cirque syllabus and includes basic ACRO (forward rolls, hand stands, cartwheels) along with the circus skills: apparatus (silks, to start) and also ground acts (juggling and hula hooping) and drills (flexibility and strength), so our children learn new tricks in a safe environment. It is a fantastic program to run in a dance school, being great for cognitive development, CO-ORDINATION, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and CONFIDENCE. It’s great for boys and girls, dancers and non dancers, and works on level cards with achievement certificates for each level, so everyone progresses at their own pace.

ACRO is an athletic form of dance that includes dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. In our Acro classes the dancers work according to their current skill level. Skills they will work/towards include handstands, handstand to roll, hand walking, back and forward walkovers, 2 hand, 1 hand and aerial cartwheels, handsprings and flexibility.

DRAMA training develops CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE, building skills for presenting and public speaking. Classes include training and development of VOCAL CLARITY, PROJECTION, DRAMATIC MOVEMENT, IMPROVISATION, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, and a focus on IMAGINATION, and confidence in performing. We are incredibly fortunate to have our program run by Alisa Meadow from Triple Talent Management. Her warmth and her passion for teaching make her an absolute delight. Current CC teachers Quinn, Giselle, Emilie, Zara, Maddy and Romy attended and loved drama with the lovely Miss Alisa when they were younger!

This class is generally for children who are in three year old kindergarten, or who are turning three or four during the year.

This class is generally for children who are in four year old kindergarten or pre-prep.

This class is generally for 5 – 6 year old children who are in their first year at school.


Starting at $228 for a 45 minute dance class (10 week quarter).

We encourage new dancers to book a 2 week trial, please contact the office to arrange: or phone 0411 143 946.

Discounted rates apply for the same child attending additional classes or for families with more than one child dancing.



What to wear for Acro and Dance Cirque:

For safety dancers wear hair in a bun or plait for medium to long hair and ponytail for short hair – nothing loose or baggy and
no rings, bracelets or necklaces please. Wear a leotard, with leggings, or hot shorts & convertible tights with bare feet.

What to wear for Drama:

To start out, wear any black track pants or leggings and a black t-shirt.

Frequently asked questions

Can we try out before enrolling?

Please contact the office to book a 2 week trial for a new dance by email, or phone 0411 143 946.

If your dancer settles in well, we will then let you know the balance remaining and the early payment discount will still apply.

Extended Trial Period: If your little dancer has not settled in after the 2 week trial, or you are still unsure, you may make an arrangement (email or call office) for an extension of trial period at a pro – rata rate.

Why juggling?
  • Juggling has been proven to boost brain development. Research has shown that learning to juggle accelerates the neural connections related to memory, focus, movement and vision. These beneficial changes persist even after many weeks without practice – but of course our students will be juggling every week!
  • Juggling improves hand-eye coordination, which benefits students when participating in Acro and other sports such as team ball sports and tennis.
  • Juggling engages both sides of the brain, and also increases ambidextrous skills and strength.
  • Juggling is great for stress management – the intense concentration and complete focus required for juggling practice helps to calm a busy mind.
  • Learning to juggle gives students an enormous sense of accomplishment! Students will be amazed by their own skills, and there are always new challenges to tackle – new tricks, new patterns, new equipment to master.
Will my dancer get to perform?

Yes! Special Youth Ballet Company performance opportunity in July! Rehearsals will take place during 2nd week of July state school holidays Sunday 3rd – Sunday 10th July

Please mark these dates in your calendar. More details will be available by the end of our first term. All Ballet, Acro, Dance Cirque, and Tap & Jazz dancers will have the opportunity to perform in the Christa Cameron School of Ballet 2022 Showcase concert, held in December. The dancers will rehearse for their Showcase Performance during Term 4 this year.

Do Parents Watch Classes?
Parents do not watch class on a regular basis but we do have an Open Day each term. Our first Open Day for the year in on week 4 of term one. We prefer to hold our classes free from the distraction of toddlers running around, parents walking in and out to answer a phone or take a sibling out, “Mummy is talking to the lady next to her and not watching me” etc. Having parents and friends watching regularly would make it more difficult for the teacher to have a focused class and hold the attention of the dancers.

Watching the first class: if you are trying out or starting during the year, in an established class (i.e. not the beginning of the year), we invite you to come and watch the first class that your child attends. Some little dancers join in happily with a parent or carer sitting in the room, others may prefer to sit with their parent and watch and may be more confident to join in on their 2nd visit. This is a little different at the start of the year. As the whole class may be new in February, we aim to bring all of the dancers into the ballet room with their teacher and for their parent to wait outside the room although we leave the door open for the first lesson so that parents can look in. If all of the parents come in for a first lesson when the whole class is new, some may be too shy to join in with all of the other adults sitting watching or they may all want to sit with mum and watch and no one participate. We find that by our first Open Day (usually week 4), the dancers have settled in beautifully and are very excited to have their family and friends as an audience to their class.

Any more questions?

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, send an email to (please include your name and phone number, as well as, your child’s name, date of birth and year level at school) or call Christa on 0411 143 946.

Location – Highfield Rd, Canterbury

Uniting Church Hall on the corner of Highfield Rd and Prospect Hill Rd

St Paul’s Studio on the corner of Church St and Highfield Rd

Highfield Road Studio

Valonia Avenue Studio

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