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Dance Classes for 6 to 18 year olds

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Dance classes at Christa Cameron

A range of styles for 6 to 18 year olds

BALLET is characterized by grace, poise, strength, elegant posture, and precision of movement. It is the ideal basis for learning many other forms of dance and performing arts. We have taught the internationally-recognised Royal Academy of Dance syllabus since 1985.

TAP is all about Rhythm and Coordination, making the performer not just a dancer but also a percussive musician.

JAZZ describes a variety of styles, performed to popular music.

CONTEMPORARY is a freer expression for the dancers. The Australian Ballet and all other major ballet companies worldwide incorporate contemporary pieces in their repertoire today. Contemporary is also the best style to compliment your Classical training if you are considering VCE dance in the future, as the vocabulary of movement you will need to fulfill the criteria for assessment in the VCE performance solos is more thoroughly explored in Contemporary than the other dance styles.

POINTE PREPARATION CLASSES are introduced for dancers at level 5. For safe Pointe work, the girls must have a good strong Classical technique, and be attending a minimum of 3 classical classes per week to acquire and maintain this technique. We also require the girls to be assessed by an experienced specialist ballet physio before they commence Pointe Work.

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Principal: Christa Cameron

Classical Ballet

Focus on technique, motivating students of all ages and abilities. From Primary to Grade 8 and Vocational levels.


Fun blend between styles that promotes coordination, strength and rhythm.


Tap classes promote a strong understanding of musicality and timing.


Combining elements of jazz and ballet, contemporary classes is less structured and allows for a freedom on movement and emotion.

RAD Grade Levels 

See below as a general guide – note that some children may be a level or two higher or lower according to their ability and progress.

Pre -Primary – usually Grade 1 at school

Primary – usually Grade 2 at school

Grade 1 – usually Grade 3 at school 

Grade 2 – usually Grade 4 at school 

Grade 3 – usually Grade 5 at school 

Grade 4 – usually Grade 6 at school 

Grade 5 – usually Grade 7 at school 

After Grade 5 level ballet, dancers progress to Grades 6 – 8, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. 

Uniform Information

Our uniform varies between grades and is available to purchase through the balllet school with the exclusion of shoes. Shoes should be purchased through Bloch or MDM.

Leotard: colour varies between grades.

Ballet Shoes: Leather split sole ballet shoes with elastic; Bloch Pro-Lites split sole or the MDM Elemental Reflex Performance are good choices. Bloch shoes – see store list. MDM are sold at the new Ballet Emporium shop in Burke Rd, Camberwell. Please don’t buy canvas shoes, they may not be worn in class.

Character Skirts: Grade 1 – 8 require a Character skirt to wear for the Character section of their class. We have our own Character Skirts with 5 rows of Ribbon trim in the colours of our leotards.

Character Shoes: Grade 1 – 8 dancers also need Black canvas 1/2” heel Character shoes (lower heel).

Hair, bodystockings, underwear & neat appearance: Neat uniform appearance is part of the discipline of Classical ballet. It is also part of the dancers training to be well groomed for class. Girls are expected to wear their hair neatly in a classical style ballet bun for every class. Fringes and layers must be worn flat to the head. For safety, jewellery (other than tiny studs for pierced ears) should not be worn to dance classes.

Frequently asked questions

Can we try out ballet before enrolling?

You are welcome to buy a 2 week trial period. Please contact the office for more details or to book, or phone 0411 143 946.

If your dancer settles in well, we will then let you know the balance remaining and the early payment discount will still apply.

Extended Trial Period: If your little dancer has not settled in after the 2 week trial, or you are still unsure, you may make an arrangement (email or call office) for an extension of trial period at a pro – rata rate.

      Why do we do exams?

      Exams are a great motivator for students and we find that dancers progress the most during the focused Term 3 preparation time and the special September holiday exam preparation workshop. 

      What is RAD?
      The Royal Academy of Dance was founded over 90 years ago and has grown to become the largest most influential examining body for classical ballet in the world. The syllabus is taught in more than 50 countries, setting high standards of dance training for some 160,000 children & students every year. An international network of trained examiners travels the world, examining dance pupils at every level. The most important benefit in taking an examination is the progress made by the dancer in the preparation work. The RAD exam provides a goal towards which students can work, offering a challenge and a great sense of achievement. For parents they give an indication of their child’s progress.  Each candidate receives a Royal Academy of Dance certificate with a Pass, Merit or Distinction classification, and a number mark on each section of the syllabus plus a small medallion medal.
      What is Pilates?

      In the Pilates time, the dancers will continue working toward increasing their core strength and flexibility, benefiting their Classical, Contemporary, Acro, Jazz and Tap techniques. They will also work to increase turnout strength and flexibility and calf strength, great preparation for jumping and for the girls to prepare for Pointe work.

      A stretch class is included at the end of Saturday Jazz and end of Grade 5 Pointe so we can work on increasing flexibility.

      Will my dancer get to perform?

      Yes! Special Youth Ballet Company performance opportunity in July! Rehearsals will take place during 2nd week of July state school holidays Sunday 3rd – Sunday 10th July

      Please mark these dates in your calendar. More details will be available by the end of our first term. All Ballet, Acro, Dance Cirque, and Tap & Jazz dancers will have the opportunity to perform in the Christa Cameron School of Ballet 2022 Showcase concert, held in December. The dancers will rehearse for their Showcase Performance during Term 4 this year.

      Do parents watch classes?

      Parents do not watch class on a regular basis but we do have an Open Day each term. Our first Open Day for the year in on week 4 of term one. We prefer to hold our classes free from the distraction of toddlers running around, parents walking in and out to answer a phone or take a sibling out, “Mummy is talking to the lady next to her and not watching me” etc. Having parents and friends watching regularly would make it more difficult for the teacher to have a focused class and hold the attention of the dancers.

      Watching the first class: if you are trying out or starting during the year, in an established class (i.e. not the beginning of the year), we invite you to come and watch the first class that your child attends. Some little dancers join in happily with a parent or carer sitting in the room, others may prefer to sit with their parent and watch and may be more confident to join in on their 2nd visit. This is a little different at the start of the year. As the whole class may be new in February, we aim to bring all of the dancers into the ballet room with their teacher and for their parent to wait outside the room although we leave the door open for the first lesson so that parents can look in. If all of the parents come in for a first lesson when the whole class is new, some may be too shy to join in with all of the other adults sitting watching or they may all want to sit with mum and watch and no one participate. We find that by our first Open Day (usually week 4), the dancers have settled in beautifully and are very excited to have their family and friends as an audience to their class.

      Any more questions?

      If you have any questions that have not been answered here, send an email to (please include your name and phone number, as well as, your child’s name, date of birth and year level at school) or call Christa on 0411 143 946.

      Location – Highfield Rd, Canterbury

      Uniting Church Hall on the corner of Highfield Rd and Prospect Hill Rd

      St Paul’s Studio on the corner of Church St and Highfield Rd

      Highfield Road Studio

      Valonia Avenue Studio

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